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Salt Lake City Private Investigators - About Us

DSS Investigations brings professional integrity to the job.

DSS INVESTIGATIONS has been in business since 1988, formerly licensed as Management & Business Systems in California. We specialize in criminal and civil law and business investigations. We only conduct domestic related investigations when working with attorneys.

DSS INVESTIGATIONS' Agents are qualified licensed Professionals.
We serve the State of Utah and have select affiliation with Professional Investigators nationwide.

Our Mission:

At DSS Investigations we consistently contribute to the success of our Clients by providing investigative and business services that they deem invaluable.

We assist the Legal and Business Communities in preventing and resolving threats that may impede success by providing professional, credible and useful information and advice.  Our Investigative Services and Loss Prevention Consulting improve court performance and reduce losses while enhancing profit.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to improve the quality of information, save time and provide professional resources for the Legal Profession and Business Community.

Our Values:

A Commitment to professional investigative and business services that advance our Client’s performance and success.

Professional:  Professional Investigators that provide comprehensive, relevant and accurate information to achieve results.

Investigative Services:  Credible investigative information that clarifies issues and wins cases.

Business Services:  Implementing best business practices that limit loss and improve safety and security.

Clients’ Performance:  Professional work product that is timely, thorough and responsive; exceeding the Client’s expectations.