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Private Detectives for Individual and Family.

Find Facts, Identify Risks, See the Big Picture and Have Peace of Mind.

A frequently asked question on the Internet is “What does a private investigator do?” People typically envision a stereotypical fedora- and trench coat-wearing, wisecracking, cigar-chomping “old school” street detective. In reality, though, a private investigator is typically hired by businesses, law firms and individuals to obtain specific fact-based information to help them make more informed decisions.

What a private investigator really does is:

Find Facts
Making decisions based on certain rumors, misconceptions, preconceived notions or a “gut feeling” can be extremely risky. We will provide you with in-depth, fact-based information from an array of various resources and certain skill sets that are not always available in the public record. In addition, we are experienced investigators who have unique analytical thinking capabilities which are needed in problem-solving situations.

Identify Risks
Whether you are in business negotiations, contemplating an investment vehicle or hiring an employee, each situation has its own set of risks, both in capital and reputation. We are trained and experienced in identifying red flags and damaging issues that may be useful to know before relationships are established.

Provide Peace of Mind
A suspicion of a prior issues can cause anyone to lose sleep.  In this situation, we will provide you the necessary information beyond the handshakes and resumes. We will corroborate certain facts and details that could not have been verified elsewhere. The objective of any investigation is to provide the facts (good and bad).  The most rewarding cases are the ones where we are able to verify information and give our clients back the peace of mind they were seeking.

See the Big Picture
Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today have credited their successes to following their passions and instincts. However, having someone in your corner to provide you specific information in order to hedge your own abilities is reassuring. We will view the situation objectively and provide an alternative viewpoint to the matter at hand.

Free Initial Consultation
DSS Investigations offers a FREE in person or telephonic consultation.  If you have a situation that involves a personal, domestic or financial matter give us a call at (801) 975-2653.  We can help you.

Benefits of Using DDS Investigations:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Better settlements
  • Real Facts
  • Minimize risks
  • Ability to make more informed and better decisions
  • Ability to see the big picture

Our Services Include:

  • Background
  • Missing Persons
  • Record Searches
  • Surveillance
    • GPS
    • Mobile Surveillance
    • Counter Surveillance
    • Covert Video Cameras - Sales, Rental, and Installation
  • Fraud
  • Marital Investigations
    • Child Custody
    • Divorce           
    • Infidelity
    • Surveillance and GPS Services
    • Honesty Check
  • Computer Forensics


DSS Investigations is Utah's authorized dealer for "COVERT TRACK" GPS tracking devices.  "Covert Track" offers exceptional quality reliable tracking devices and superior tracking services.

DSS Investigations can assist you with infidelity, adultery, cheating spouses, co-habitation and child welfare case through use of our trackers and Investigators.

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